Garfield Re-2 New Hire Information and Paperwork

We are excited to welcome all of our new teachers to Garfield School District No. Re-2. We have implemented a new e-file system, which will allow you to access and complete all of the new hire paperwork for your employment prior to the beginning of the school year at Garfield Re-2. You will receive an email that will outline how to access our e-file system, and complete the assigned checklist of documents. It is IMPORTANT that you complete each form in order to receive your first paycheck on August 15th. Most forms can be completed as an e-form, and others are provided in PDF format, which you will complete, scan, and upload to submit. If you need assistance with submitting documents, please contact Leanne Worton, Human Resources Specialist, at (970) 665-7644.

Other important information:

Each employee has a personal responsibility to seek out the correct information regarding policies and regulations. There is a policy manual located in each building administration office. You are always welcome to contact the Human Resource Department regarding any policies relating to Section G (the employee portion) of the manual and these policies are listed on line as well.

All payroll changes need to be made to the payroll office by the 5th of the month in order to be effective for that month's payroll. If a change is received after that date, we cannot guarantee that the change will be processed for that month's payroll. This includes any extra pays that you may be expecting.

If you have an address change, you will need to contact the Human Resource Department. You will need to complete a new form to correct your address with PERA and insurance as well as with Garfield Re-2. The HR department will supply you with the appropriate forms to complete this change with all of the agencies.

Contact information for the Human Resources Department:

Jennifer Rhoades, Director of Human Resources 970-665-7641

Leanne Worton, Human Resource Secretary  970-665-7644

Lynn Alsop, Payroll Manager 970-665-7643

Becky Capwell, Substitute Coordinator 970-665-7640

Tamara Turza, Worker's Compensation Specialist 970-665-7612